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Valid CSS! A very systematic music guide – everything about jazz recordings, artists. Many useful informations, MP3 samples, photos, etc. The legend of Count Basie Orchestra, guitarist Freddie Green, Mr.Rhythm. This web is dedicated to his unique style and personality. Big Band ZUS Isi Krejciho is constantly working to employ Freddie's technique in our rhythm section! Unique top quality drums made by Hanuš&Heřt, endorsed by wellknown drummer Kamil Slezak. Procházka Custom Guitars, Czech guitar maker. They made beautiful 18" jazz archtop guitar for our Big Band ZUS Isi Krejciho to enable our rhythm guitarist Jiri Krbecek to play in Freddie Green style. Jazz Discography Project, discography of some most important jazz musicians in history. (Czech only) The new server, many interesting information about jazz, a list of czech jazz groups, famous artists, etc. You will also find us there. Click left on the address or on any jazzport banner located on our site. Transcriptions of famous trumpet jazz solos (Lee Morgan, Freddie Hubbard, Miles Davis, Roy Hargrove and many others) followed by brief biography and mp3 samples. Great tool for learning how to improvise. (Czech only) A practical info especially for club owners and festival organizers, we are there too, of course. An official web of saxophonist František Kop, read also some advices for windplayers, especially about breathing and saxophone practicing. Theo Wanne, luxury sax mouthpiece production - the AMMA, KALI and PARVATI tenor mouthpieces, the most complex sax mouthpiece info on web as well. (Czech only) Well known czech catalog of musicians, bands, clubs, etc. Alexander Superial saxophone reeds. I've been playing their Superial 2 1/2's on my tenor for years. Keith W. Bradbury, AKA MOJO, sax mouthpiece specialist. At these days I play Otto Link STM (current model) piece with the tip .110" refaced by him in spring 2008. Excellent Big Band Charts By Top Writers - For Less Than $20 bucks. Listen to the charts on this site, view score, download, print and play. Big Band ZUS Isi Krejciho's videochannel on YouTube - check out our videos and see our favorites - Count Basie, etc. eJazzLines is a great source for jazz CD's, DVD's, arrangements, etc. (Czech only) Jazz server full of actual information from both czech and world scene.

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